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Loan and its indispensable requirement

Loan and its indispensable requirement

Well said in two words: Having the credit card, without being a holder of one of these cards you will not have the option to request a loan.

With being already a card holder of this type, already has enough data to attend to your request for money on loan because in the application of the card you have to submit a photocopy of your payroll or other type of proof that shows that you have Regular income to meet the expenses charged to your card.

The maximum amount of the credits they grant does not usually exceed 2000 euros, which is why many people use them to finance small expenses, vacations or similar.

The destiny of the money requested to loan is your thing and the financial one is not going to ask you explanations in what you are going to use the money.

If the loan is granted, the money will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hours, which is a bit longer than the one used by online loans, which is reputed to be the fastest in terms of loan processing. and the sending of money.

The well-known loans are managed by the company Oney (which also handles other credits and cards such as those offered by establishments as well as the card or the Simply card.

As you will be required to own one of these cards, I will explain the characteristics of this card.

It is a free card, without issuance or maintenance costs and you can make the payment of the purchase at the end of the month or postpone your payment with the addition of the interest that you will detail.

As part of Alcamo’s promotion of your card, being the owner of one of them allows you to access offers and discounts in an exclusive and preferred way.

It is common to find discounts of up to 25% on supermarket products but perhaps the most appreciated is that if you use the card when refueling you accumulate points and discounts.